Setting Goals That Serve You

Lucas Pouille is a professional tennis player from France, who reached his first grand slam semi-final at the 2019 Aussie Open. 

This is what he has to say about setting goals;

"The goal is not to reach the final, the semi final ... the goal is to improve my tennis ... and that gives me less pressure,"

What does this mean for those of us looking for results in fitness and/or weight loss?

Typically, we set fitness and weight loss goals that are about results - lifting more, running faster, weighing less - and all by a specified date (usually in the short term).

For some people this methods of setting goals will work well, but for others it doesn't work at all

In my 10+ years as a fitness instructor and personal trainer, I've seen it fail more often than not, and the reason is the pressure that Pouille mentions.

You'll recognise this pressure if you've ever thought like this:
  • "I can't stick to anything."
  • "I need someone to keep me accountable.".
  • "I need to get out of my comfort zone"
  • "My motivation is on-again-off-again."
  • You think in terms of "excuses" rather than "reasons"
  • and many similar thoughts that you've probably seen on "inspo" pages.

So what can we do differently? What can we learn from Pouille?

Instead of setting goals based on results, Pouille sets goals that are about the process of "improving his tennis". 

This is the approach we take at Integrity - we don't encourage goals based on specific results to be achieved by specific times. Instead, we set goals around developing the necessary knowledge, skills and habits you need. Then we patiently and consistently work to tick them off, making the results an inevitable side effect of the effort, not the end in itself. 

It's a very different mindset, and it's liberating.

  • You don't have the pressure of a deadline. Life can get in the way without causing goal failure.
  • You don't have to risk injury and burnout by "pushing through" to reach the goal result.
  • You don't have to worry about public failure, having declared your goals to family and friends.
  • You start getting long term results that last, instead of short term results that don't.

Now we can build and maintain a sense of momentum. Small victories to be celebrated. Constant positive feedback from each step taken. Room for setbacks and unexpected circumstances. 

So, if you’re ready to ditch the pressure of going to the gym, we’re ready to work with you. 

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