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Our Classes

We are Ballarat's experts in music-driven workouts.

We have your fitness covered with bike, barbell and conditioning classes. Our classes are for everyone, from athletes to beginners


Our studio is open in the early mornings, evenings and weekends, and classes can be booked on our easy-to-use app.  Our classes are also available online, with livestreams from the studio and audio classes on demand.


We are a small club, with a social vibe and no fashion parade.


Our cycle classes are all about the music - loud and proud on our notorious sound system. 


We turn off the tech and get in the flow, matching our pedals to the beat for 45 minutes of hardio.

We have smart systems that let our members influence the tracks we play, to keep our music fresh and familiar.


This is a muscular endurance class - 40 minutes of higher reps and lower weights than your typical strength program at a gym.

We want to move like we do in every day life!

Of course, the lifting tempo is set to music, so it keeps your heart rate up, and we often spike toward the end, bringing a conditioning component to the class as well.

The Journey

Take a 45-60 minute ride through computer generated worlds projected onto our big screen. A virtual road responds to the music and terrain, leading you deeper and deeper into the workout.

Being immersed in a virtual experience like The Journey will change your perception of effort, and you'll work harder than you think.


This is 30 minutes of HIIT on a bike, training strength, speed and power.

On our big screen, or on your phone, you can see the required intensity, speed and duration for all the intervals in the class. No guessing about how long or how hard to work.

High Intensity = Burn

Low Impact = Safe


Imagine a nightclub with spin bikes and you start to imagine LIT.

Our custom built rig has over sixty lights that continually respond to the beat, intensity and mood of the music and to the workout.

We created this ourselves, literally bringing a dream into reality, so we know you've never seen anything like it.

Other Classes


Most of our studio classes are available online. They are "simulcast" on our live stream, and also recorded for audio on-demand. Learn more here.

Mixing it up

From time to time we mix it up with events and additional classes, such as the rooftop ride, TRX suspension training, outdoor training and road trips to experience other studios and classes beyond Ballarat.



We get it - not everyone is ready to jump straight into a class. We can help you get started and we can work around barriers like fitness level, confidence, anxiety, injury and so on.


The first step is a chat with Tim, txt or call anytime.


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11 Unicorn Lane, Ballarat VIC, 3350

0437 587 558

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