Tim is a personal trainer, group fitness instructor and public speaker, with over ten years experience in the fitness industry.


Tim is a Level 3 Registered Exercise Professional with Fitness Australia.
Tim's qualifications include; Cert IV Personal Trainer, Elite Level Les Mills RPM Instructor, Les Mills Sprint Coach, Les Mills Bodypump Instructor, Les Mills GRIT Captain, FitKick Boxing Instructor, Cage Fitness Instructor, YogaFit Teacher and Reiki Level I & II practitioner.
What this means is that Tim has the experience, skills and empathy to understand and meet his client's needs.
Engaging Tim begins with a process of discussing what it is you wish to achieve and why. Once this is clear, Tim will design a unique solution for you, and then lead you through it step by step. Once you commit, so does Tim. He's been known to run a marathon himself, in order to "be there" for a client.
Tim rejects the usual fitness industry hype and buzzwords. He looks for incremental improvements, with an eye to the long term. He strongly believes that his role as a trainer is to teach you what you need to know to effect lasting change. Success means that your health and wellness becomes a case of "love to" not "have to".


Tim is available to talk to your organisation about fitness in an engaging and entertaining style that meets people where they are. He's able to tailor a presentation to your specific needs, or give a general talk and facilitate discussion.
Here's what some of Tim's corporate clients say after engaging him.
We invited Tim to talk to our staff about the benefits of fitness. He engaged the diverse group easily with his entertaining mix of facts, statistics and common misconceptions. The talk around the workplace since has all been about the positive changes people are making. Tim really made a difference.
- Emily Chatham, Managing Director, Creswick Childrens Services
When Tim talks about fitness it comes from a depth of sincerity, support, knowledge and practice. It is clear that he recognises both ends of the spectrum; how difficult it can be to start a fitness regime, and the extreme of training for marathons. Tim's clarity invites you to put the emotion aside, believe the dream and start moving
- Jacinta Power, Director, Azaaya Health Spa


Contact Tim directly for a chat about your health and fitness needs.

0437 587 558